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CreativePocket studio provides a complete service for building formidable brands, producing inspiring designs, developing strong communication tools and forging concise advertising. A wide range of creative resources for print and web design are available, as well as support for events and exhibitions. Further more the Pocket network gives easy and effective access to online services, printing, copywriting, photography, PR and marketing.

Creative design

Full or part brand or advertising creation and development

Print design and layout

Stationery, business cards, adverts, flyers, posters, booklets, brochures

Marketing & Communications Support

Offiline print and online posts design development

Events and exhibitions

Support in signage, printing, production and on-site

Design Packages


When planning a new company or campaign, over-hauling an old look, preparing for the next big show or selling that new product to the consumer, often it is easier to group your creative needs into productive steps. Packages to accomidate your needs help to guide this planning.


Skill Pockets


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Happy Pockets

Nothing makes a human so adventurous as an empty pocket.

Embracing brand

A brand is a belief in the promise made by a product that moves a consumer to action. Ultimately causing the target audience to create an emotional connection to the brand. The ‘brand identity’ is a package of elements that provide a particular representation and create a perception of an entity; business, person, concept, service or commodity. Contained within the package is a collection of tangible and intangible attributes that resonate whenever the brand is experienced. For a brand to be successful it must be embraced, nurtured and championed for consistency by all in the company. A brand starts from within and filters out through well planned strategy.



Perceived emotional image of the whole corporation



Visual elements that form part of the overall brand composition



Identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon

Taking on one little pocket at a time

Design Process

The design project process in eight simple stages

1 Briefing: establish scope of work and timelines.

2 Reseach: Market trends; competitors; designs, colours and textures; product or service evaluation.

3 Position and differentiating: establish brand story, target audience, core values, brand focus, main touchpoints and communication channels.

4 Conceptualisation: sketching and creating – logo, narrative, tone, voice, key messages, visual style and standards.

5 Presentation, review and reflection.

6 Revision, update and brand package production: stationery, marketing, website etc.

7 Artwork and/or brand book presentation.

8 Delivery and support: systems and processes, marketing planning, execution, event production etc.

Its all in the planning

Pocket Packages

Estimated standard packages for design services of branding stages (pending full briefing and scope of work)

Fajr (Dawn)
A brand at the 'dawn' of it's life. Brand development or re-branding would include the following:

AED 6,000/brand

  • - Logo (up to 6 unique options)
  • - Colour Palette
  • - Typeface
  • - Mini Brand Book (guidelines)
  • - Business Card Template
  • - 1x Personalised Business Card with Print-ready File - printing can be arranged through CallPrint as required.
Brief for a Quote
Alshafaq (Twilight)
Following dawn, twilight glows out revealing more of the day. Further expansion of brand materials would include;

AED 3,000/brand

  • Templates in various formats for;
  • - Letterhead
  • - Document
  • - Presentation
  • - Plus one business specific
  • - A4 Poster Sample
  • - A5 Leaflet Sample
Brief for a Quote
Shorook (Sunrise)
'Sunrise' brings the day into clear visual light. Creating an online presence for your brand provides easy access for potential customers to find out more quickly and cost effectively.

AED 7,500/brand

  • - Website Hosting & Domain Setup
  • - With WordPress CMS
  • - Basic 'Brochure' Style
  • - Up to 6 static Pages
  • - Post template and up to 5 full Posts
  • - To include relevant Plugins for functions and marketing foundation
Brief for a Quote

For marketing, bid layout, event projects or adhoc work, pending brief to establish scope of work and project duration, standard rates are AED 2,900 a day (8-hour batch), or AED 390 an hour (ad-hoc). AED 460 rush-rate (late/last minute). Minimum invoice value: 1 hours.

In conjunction with design or to follow up design, CreativePocket highly recommends Moore Connections for marketing strategy, planning and execution.

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